Facing My Fears: Bungee Jump and Canyon Swing-Last Resort, Nepal

If you don’t consider yourself adventours type then traveling to Nepal will be sure to put you in the spirit. After finishing up my trek to Mount Everest Base Camp I was already high on adrenaline and ready to take on another challenge.  I’ve never really thought about bungee jumping before but the opportunity was there so I thought why not? I booked a package with “The Last Resort” and set off to partake in one of the most adrenaline packed weekends of my life.

(find more details of “the Last resort” at the end of this post)


After getting off the main road, a bunch of us decided to ride on the roof of our bus.  It’s true what they say- the view is always better from the top! ( do this at your own risk)

Photo: BungeeNepal
Photo: Bungee Nepal

Finally away from the craziness of Kathmandu . With stunning views and tranquility, the drive to “Last Resort” alone made the trip worth it.

Photo: Bungee Nepal

Shortly after our arrival to the resort and we joined in on a safety brief and prepared for our jumps .  I planned on doing both a  Bungee jump both forward and backwards, and two Canyon swings . Go big or go home !


To be honest I was totally putting on a brave face here.  Minutes later I would be jumping off into a 160m gorge.

Photo: Bungee Nepal

Next up: canyon swing- backwards.  I remember the jump master counting 3…2…1 and bam!!! I was off -free falling for about 6 seconds into a massive gorge with a rapid river flowing below . It happened so quickly but my whole body was filled with fear and adrenaline.

Neapl old
Photo: Bungee Nepal

That moment when it’s all over and your hanging like a puppet over a rapid river. What an incredible feeling! I remember just wanting to get ashore to do it all over again.

Check out the Video Below for my first EXTREME Bungee Jump

Check out the video below for my “superman” style Canyon Swing.

This was my forth jump but by far the scariest. Watch the look on my face when the free fall was over, it explains it all!

Photo: BungeeNepal
Photo: Bungee Nepal

The Last Resort has a super chill vibe to it. After a day of adrenaline packed sports we just relaxed and talked about how awesome Nepal is!

Photo: Bungee Nepal
Photo: Bungee Nepal

The bar/café is a great atmosphere to meet other people, have a beer or just relax with a book.

Photo: BungeeNepal

The luxury tents were basic but comfortable. Each were equipped with comfy beds, a light and a small desk. It was nice to be away from the city and peacefully fall sleep to the sound nature.

Photo: Bungee Nepal

When you get out there and face your fears it’s amazing the experiences and memories you will create.

Get There and Away

The Last Resort is located just three hours from Kathmandu on the road to Tibet (it is very close to the border) Your transport to and from the resort is included in the price of your tour package.

On the morning of the tour we met our group at one of Last Resort’s booking offices located in the tourist hub of Thamel (Mandala Street inside Sagarmatha Bazar). After booking your package an agent will give you more details on meeting time/place.

If you have time, I highly recommend to at least stay for one night. Apart from all the extremeness and adventures the Last Resort is actually an awesome place to kick back , relax and take in Nepal’s spectacular scenery.


We bought the Canyon Swing and Bungee Jump package for around $170.00 CAD then added on an extra $30.00 CAD for an overnight stay . The cost  included: One Bungee Jump, One Canyon Swing,  return transport to and from the last resort,  B/L/D (buffet style), and accommodation in a luxury tent.  At the time they had a deal on where if you jump three times you can get a forth jump for free. We already paid for two jumps so we decided to add on an extra $60.00 to our package and got two more jumps! Why not??

You have the option to also add on a photo and/or video package at an extra cost.

The Last Resort offer almost 30 different packages with a variety of activities . For a complete and updated price list click here!

What to Bring

  • Good Hiking Boots (after each jump you will have to walk up hill for about 10 minutes. It isn’t too hard but it’s worth your while to be prepared)
  • Light Clothing
  • A sweater or a jacket (depending on season you travel there)
  • Money (this is an all inclusive package but bring some extra cash just in case you want to buy something extra like alcohol from the bar)
  • A book, headphones ( for the bus/ relaxing time)
  • A good sense of adventure


Sometimes places in South East Asia doesn’t always have the same safety standards as in the Western world so trying these extreme activities  can sometimes be a concern . At the Last Resort staff are friendly and the jump masters are very well trained for their jobs . In fact , “The Last Resort” was actually founded by a man from New Zealand (bungee capital of the world).   Of course I had a bit of fear coming over me as I jumped of a bridge into a 160m gorge , however I did not once feel “unsafe” . We had a safety briefing before we entered the bridge and the jump masters tested the equipment several times to ensure our safety.

In case of the very unlikely event of an accident, I suggest you purchase some good travel insurance . World Nomad  insurance do have an option to cover those wanting to bungee jump and/or do other extreme activities.  Just make sure you speak to a representative and read the policy over before you buy.

For some more FAQ about “The Last Resort” click here


Overall the best advice I can give you is to HAVE FUN and GO FOR IT!

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