Adventure to the Source of the Holy Ganges River: Gangotri, India

After spending over a week in busy city of Rishikesh we decided we had enough of waking up to loud horns beeping and walking through the overly crowded streets.  It was time to go back into the mountains. When we heard about the famous trek to the source of the holy “Ganges River” we didn’t quite know what to expect, especially after our last adventure over the Hampta Pass.  We decided to go for it anyways, and hopped on a local bus not knowing how long the journey would take us. Eleven hours after being stuffed on a bus and jeep, we arrived in one of the most enchanting places maybe on earth.


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Adventure in India- Trekking the Hampta Pass


My first trip to India was in October 2014. After one month of traveling solo, I left as fast as I could with memories of pure chaoticness. Upon my return home, I still couldn’t get India out of my mind. It was still such a mystery to me. I certainly had more bad moments than good on that one particular  trip, but when I did  experience good moments they were REALLY incredible, so incredible I kept replaying them over and over in my mind. The culture, the spirituality, the people who had helped me along the way,  the colors and the scents. I knew wasn’t finished with mother India. I had to go back. The sooner the better!

Fast forward one year later and my plane was touching down in New Delhi, India once again. This time I was on a mission to find a different side of mother India . A less chaotic side. After less than 24 hours in the city, we were on the next overnight bus heading north to Manali, located in Himachal Pradesh. It was time to go trekking!  When I heard about the Hampta Pass I really didn’t know what to expect. I’ve been trekking in Nepal several times but we’ve heard that trekking in India incomparable to Nepal where facilities are developed along the trails for tourists. We would be completely on our own out there. Just four friends and mother nature. We packed up our gear, a map of the area dated back from 1970, and headed off on what would be an adventure of a lifetime.


The Hamta Pass trek is located in the Manali region in Himachal Pradesh, India . It takes you over the Pir Panjal mountain range and then crosses over the Hamta pass at 4260M . For more information please see below!


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