6 Ways To Beat Homesickness On The Road



The truth is being on the other side of the world away from friends and family can be challenging. Not every day is filled with sunshine, rainbows, beaches and fun. Some days that cringing feeling of homesickness can creep upon us and it’s not a good feeling. Today is one of those days for me .Today I want to give up the horns beeping outside my room seem a little louder than normal, my chronic allergies from pollution has left me no taste of the delicious Indian curries I once loved so much.

My stomach still feels queasy from being packed on to a local bus for an 8 hour bumpy ride . Not to mention I look like complete SHIT with my uncombed hair and baggy pants that have just about a trillion holes in them.

Today is one of those days I question Is it all worth it? I dream of being tucked away in my own home in a comfy bed without bed bugs on my sheets, I dream of eating a big mac burger, maybe three with crispy golden fries , I dream of wearing a hot dress with the highest heels I can find, my hair in perfect curls.

Throughout all the dreaming and urges to book another one way flight out of India I have reminded myself that feelings of homesickness on the road is normal. It is not a sign of weakness or resentment for the country that I’m currently in- it’s a part of the adventure. It’s a sign that I’ve traveled well out of my comfort zone and am learning to adapt to my surroundings.

In years from now I’m going to remember the important moments- the learning the growing – the LIVING. We sometimes need to experiences the bad to appreciate the good and this is especially true in adventure.

Here are some tips to beat the travel blues:

Settle down in one location

Constant travel can be draining especially true  in destinations where even the shortest distance trips can take hours due to poor infrastructure. If your feeling homesick or a bit exhausted stay in one place for awhile. Pick up a new hobby, take a course. Doing this will let some stability in your life and you can pack away your clothes and make your own little home for awhile.

Look through photos of your past adventures

Maybe you have visited a destination in the past that you absolutely loved. Or maybe you have a special place at home that makes you feel at peace. Thinking back on good memories and these places will help get that spark going again. Sure you may be having a bad day but you will be reminded that the good days totally outweighed the bad.

Ask yourself why you are traveling

When we are feeling down and negative it’s easy to say “I hate traveling now” I should never have left home”. You need to ask yourself why you started your journey in the first place. Maybe it was a childhood dream, perhaps your interested in learning about other cultures, or just wanted a change in life. Whatever the reason you need to remind yourself that your traveling because this is something you actually wanted to do !

Write down everything you are thankful for

Take out a pen and paper and get writing. I remember one particular moment stepping on an airplane to traveling to a country where women did not have equal rights to men. The plane was filled mainly with males . I thought to myself I am SO THANKFUL I can travel the world as many other women in the world cannot. Be thankful for having the opportunity and financial means to to go where you like. Be thankful for all your friends and family back at home that have supported you throughout your journey . Whatever the reason just be THANKFUL :)

Think of how far you have come

Maybe you worked two jobs just to save for this journey, perhaps it took you a year to save your goal amount. Then you actually took the step got on an airplane and left! It’s important to remember how far we have come in our journey . Days we want to give up we have to remind ourselves we are more then capable to continue the journey . You made it this far right?

Know the difference in giving up and having enough

There are times where you may get yourself in a certain place or situation where you just can’t kick the blues. It doesn’t mean you need to book the next plane home perhaps you just need to change location. I remember one particular place in Australia I picked up a short term job and began to become very unhappy. It wasn’t just one day of unhappiness it was the kind that just wouldn’t go away no matter how hard I tried. I was surrounded by negative people and the environment wasn’t so safe. So one morning at 4am I jumped on a greyhound bus and just left. To me this wasn’t giving up it was having enough. Looking back on it now it was a important lesson in knowing difference between the two.

What are some ways YOU deal with homesickness on the road? Comment Below !

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