Sea Trekking into the Deep: Busselton, Western Australia

Try something new every day, that’s my motto. When a few friends asked me to join them for a “Sea Trek” I was super curious and couldn’t pass up the opportunity .  I’ve never been diving before so I was a little nervous about the idea of going down into the deep. Luckily for me, all you need to be able to do is basically breathe and walk.

For those of you that have never heard of such thing, Sea Trekking involves putting on an astronaut-like helmet which is connected to an oxygen tank allowing you to breathe. Next, you climb down a ladder all the way to the ocean floor ( for us it was only around 7.5M deep). Once you reach the bottom you can walk around exploring all the amazing fauna and flora.


Preparing for our Sea Trek. Initially, you are provided with a wet suit and a pair of crocs!

Photo: Scott Plume

After the dive instructor assisted me in putting on my helmet and connecting the oxygen tank, I slowly climbed down the ladder. It was super easy and the instructor was with me the whole way ensuring I was safe.

Ocean Trekking
Photo: Scott Plume

After reaching the bottom we were given a handle to hold on so the dive instructor could guide us. If your wondering why I have a yellow buoy on my head its because of my weight and size.  The buoy helps raise the equipment so it’s not so heavy to carry.


Photo: Scott Plume

Assisting us at the bottom were two dive instructors and a rescue diver.

Photo: Scott Plume
Photo: Scott Plume
Photo by Scott Plume

Some really interesting creatures hang out on the bottom of the ocean floor!

Photo: Scott Plume

Who can Sea Trek?

If your over 12 and can walk/breathe, then you can Sea Trek!  No diving or swimming experience is required!


Busselton, Western Australia ( 230km from Perth).

Your sea trek will take place at the end of Bussleton’s 1.8km jetty. If your not up for walking, a train is available for transport.

If your not in Western Australia but would still like to experience Sea Trekking, check out this cool site that easily helps you find Sea Trekking all over the world !

Cost? (Busstelton Jetty Sea Trek)

$165.00 AUD per person ( to book online click here)

What to Bring?

  • Swimming Suit
  • Towel
  • Sweater or a Jacket ( can be cold when you get out)
  • Sunscreen
  • Water
  • You can bring your camera, however for safety reasons, you aren’t allowed to bring it Sea Trekking with you. For an extra cost your dive instructor can take photos for you.



Photo: Scott Plume
Photo: Scott Plume



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